So What’s It All About?

‘A Fine Witch For A Cat’ is the first children’s novel from author Catherine Callie. It follows the journey of Shadow the cat as he begins to discover his true heritage and purpose in life. Will fate find him the Witch he should be with? Or will his evil brothers end his search in sadness?

You can buy or borrow ‘A Fine Witch For A Cat’ from Amazon Kindle here. Check out the blurb below:

Shadow the cat isn’t very good at being a cat. The little black feline isn’t a good hunter, and he’s more likely to fall over his tail than land on his feet. Shadow and his witch, Granny Willow, have been together since the moment he was born. This lifelong pairing is about to come to a terrible end.

The night of the big storm starts a chain of events that will find Shadow lost in a world where he doubts his purpose, his abilities, and even the good in his heart. A young girl is brought to Granny just moments from death. What she does that night could destroy them all. Is Shadow cat enough to face the dangers in a world he was never told about?

A Fine Witch For A Cat explores the issues of growing up after bereavement, in a world where family has become the enemy. This is the first children’s novel from author Catherine Callie.
A Fine Witch For A Cat by Catherine Callie


'A Fine Witch For A Cat' by Catherine Callie is a children's novel for 9 - 12 year olds.

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