Today Really Is Known As CatHerdersDay #CatHerdersDay!

# CatHerdersDay? Yes, it’s true. Today has been designated as National Cat Herders’ Day.

They say that work can feel like herding cats at times. As soon as you convince one to go the way you want it to, everything else seems to drift away, doing its own thing. As cats are fiercely independent creatures, it seems the term cat herding is perfect for such a situation.

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Have you checked out the Tag #CatHerdersDay yet today? Lots of people find the whole concept of trying to herd cats pretty hilarious. After all, who would even try it?


Wild cats might be even tougher to herd. As a group, they are collectively known as a ‘destruction’ of cats. Cat herders be warned!

The terms ‘glaring’ or ‘clutter’ can also be applied to a group of cats. Something tells me all these different terms came from people who may actually have tried to convince some cats to do something! Of course, the most common term to describe a group of cats is a ‘clowder’.

Cat Herders Day
Cat Herders Day

Some people mistakenly believe that cats are better as solitary animals. This is rarely true, although there are plenty of humans that prefer their own company too. Cats like to live in a community and regularly seek out other cats that may share or violate their territory. There are plenty of occasions when the cats in the book ‘A Fine Witch For A Cat‘ eye each other up to determine if they are friend or foe.


CatHerdersDay is a day to acknowledge that sometimes things just don’t go your way. When life feels like you’re herding cats, it can be quite disheartening. We don’t always have the power to make things happen just the way we want them to. So when it’s not quite right, don’t lose heart. Some things are simply beyond our control. Just roll with it! And if you are actually trying to herd some cats, sit back and enjoy the furry chaos that will ensue.


'A Fine Witch For A Cat' by Catherine Callie is a children's novel for 9 - 12 year olds.

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