Like A Crossword Puzzle? Test Your Knowledge Of Cats On CrosswordPuzzleDay

A Cat Themed Crossword Puzzle

I’ve got a crossword puzzle for you!

Writing about cats taught me a lot about the nation’s favorite pets. These furry wonders come in all shapes and sizes, and each has a unique personality. Of course, certain breeds will share particular characteristics and appearances. I’ve really enjoyed having the opportunity to research felines so much. And part of that included talking to all of you with experiences of living with cats too!

As a big thank you, and to celebrate Crossword Puzzle Day, I’ve put together a little crossword puzzle for you to test your own knowledge of cats. It won’t take you too long, and you are very welcome to share this page on social media with your friends and loved ones.


To use the puzzle below, click on it to download your own copy in PDF format. Some versions of Adobe Reader will allow you to input the answers within the digital document. Alternatively, why not print it out, and share your copies with others?

Cat Crossword Puzzle Answers

To check your answers, why not pop back to the website in a couple of days and find them in the latest post? Alternatively, if you can’t wait, drop me an email by using the CONTACT tab at the top of the page. I love hearing from you all!

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Enjoy this cat themed Crossword Puzzle for #CrosswordPuzzleDay

Download the PDF of a-fine-witch-for-a-cat-crossword


'A Fine Witch For A Cat' by Catherine Callie is a children's novel for 9 - 12 year olds.

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